What to Expect

resmainOften, our clients come to the table understandably, with a set of expectations. A person intending to start a construction project may or may not be aware of these so we feel it is important to bring these out into the open.

These expectations generally revolve around three factors: quality, cost and time, or scheduling. It’s therefor necessary to prioritize these expectations as, generally, one can only control two of them at the expense of the third.

An example is say purchasing new cabinetry. Do you want custom made high quality cabinetry made quickly? It will be hard to keep the price tag down in that case. Cheaper cabinetry which arrives fast, will probably mean sacrificing quality, and so on.

A good example is deck building. Fast, high quality carpenters are expensive. The labor alone will cost a contractor around $70 – $75 an hour in real cost terms. He may also need an experienced assistant. An experienced but slower carpenter will be considerably less but will mean the project will take longer, especially if unskilled labor is used.

Before starting a project, try to find out what your priorities are. Do you need the project done fast but you have a tight budget or is the quality important and time is not of the essence?

Taking this step and informing your contractor accordingly could save a lot of headaches down the road.