wood framing

The job on Martin Luther King – the reconstruction of the house has begun in earnest and the walls and part of the new roof have been framed in.


House renovation on Martin Luther King in Berkeley

rolling out floor joists

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We worked on Saturday in order to get the new floor joists rolled out on this job. The original project brief called to keep the existing joists, but these were found to be termite and beetle infested and so badly damaged that that was not possible. The new 6″ x 12″ pressure treated mid-span girder also replaces the completely inadequate existing match stick that served as a girder.


So Monday, we can start framing walls!


Pouring Concrete

We just poured the new foundation and the new underfloor slab. Twenty-two2013-06-27 11.25.55 cubic yards of concrete at the Berkeley job.

A Deck Repair in Walnut Creek


This substantial deck was built using the wrong hardware and the wrong materials and despite its over-sized lumber, has begun to fall apart after only 10 years. We raised the sagging portion of the deck by over 3″ and are installing four new piers and four new posts. The entire deck will have to be replaced sometime in the next five years or so, for now, this patch will keep it going. These sorts of things are easily avoidable by building things right the first time. We estimate that our decks will last over 50 years.

Deck repair

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All this is what is left of a house we are remodeling in Berkeley – in fact, two days later, the North wall was gone too.

Berkeley Remodel


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